What size generator do I need to run my oil furnace?

What size generator do I need to run my oil furnace

Thank god for the wonders of technology, we have a machine like a generator to keep us and our families safe and warm even in extreme weather conditions and power outages. Choosing the right size generator becomes crucial to make sure you have enough power to keep everything warm and cozy whenever needed. In this article, we’ll cover what size generator do I need to run my oil furnace.

To run an oil-fired furnace, you’ll need more than an 800-watt generator. This is because the burner and the blower will be running at the same time. It uses a motor to draw the oil out of the tank along with a small pump to shoot the oil past the ignitor. The ignitor light the oil, and the blower force the heated air out to the house.

Unlike oil furnaces, electric furnaces and heat pumps need much more power – 15,000 watts or more to run. So a portable generator is not sufficient to power these. 

Is your water heater gas, electric, or oil-fired? Gas or oil-fired heaters utilize less power – as little as 2500 watts.

Cost to run an oil furnace

The cost of an oil furnace with a maximum efficiency rate of 80% is higher with the average cost of the furnace itself at $2,000 and the installation cost at $6,000.


How many watts does it take to run an oil furnace?

You’ll need more than 800 watts to run a normal oil-fired furnace.

Do oil heaters use a lot of electricity? 

Oil heaters are more cost-effective and safe, even though they do take longer to heat a room, they provide you a more comfortable heating experience. Moreover, the size of the room is also a factor in cost efficiency.

Do oil furnaces need electricity?

Yes, oil furnaces do rely on electricity, however, they do not require as much electricity as an electric boiler, furnace, or baseboard. Oil-fired and gas-fired furnaces, boilers, and space heaters produce heat by burning fuel oil or natural gas. However, they too rely on electricity.

How big of a generator do I need to run my furnace?

To run an electric furnace you’ll be needing a generator with around 5000-25000 watts and for an oil-fired furnace, 800-2500 watts shall be sufficient.

Can a 2000 watt generator run a furnace?

While most home furnaces use around 600-800 watts, your furnace may use more or less depending on its size and manufacturer. However, you need a much powerful generator (more than 10,000W) if you have an electric boiler

Will a 3500 watt generator run a furnace?

3,500 watts is enough to power oil furnaces that typically use less than 1,000 watts, but electric furnaces and large air conditioning units can easily run over 2,000 watts.

Will a 5000 watt generator run a furnace?

Yes, you can run a furnace with a 5000-watt generator, depending on its size. Just make sure you have enough power left to run other appliances. 

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