How to parallel two Honda Generators?

How to parallel two Honda Generators

Generators with Parallel Capability allows you to connect two portable generators, increasing or almost doubling your power output. So here is our guide on how to parallel two Honda Generators.

If your model does not come with an exclusive companion unit, you can still parallel most inverter generators with the help of parallel cables that have a 30-amp outlet.

These cables allow you to connect two of the same generators when there is no companion unit available. If you are wondering how to parallel two Honda Generators, then this article is for you. We have prepared a simple step-by-step guide to take you through the whole process.

With Parallel operation, you can link two Honda EU2200i or EU2000i generators together using a special parallel cable kit to get as much as double the power output. This gives you extra power when you need it without having to trade up for a larger heavier single generator.


Operating a generator can be dangerous if used improperly. Always refer to the owners manual regarding the safe and proper operation of your generator. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide which is a poison you can’t see or smell. So avoid using a generator inside a home or garage even if the doors and windows are open only use it outside far away from windows doors and vents.

The companion versions of the EU2200i and EU2000i generators provide a built-in 30 amp receptacle. These models are designed specifically for parallel operation with another EU2200i and select EU2000i models.

You’ll be able to use the 30 amp outlet on the companion to draw the full combined power of the two units. It’s perfect for RVs and for home use with the transfer switch or wherever a 30 amp outlet might be suitable. You can easily purchase Parallel operation cable kits from authorized Honda power equipment dealers.

All EU2200i Honda generators can be connected to another EU2200i or EU2200i companion generator as well as select EU200i model generators that have specific frame serial numbers. The table below shows the compatible frame serial number ranges.

Compatible ModelsFrame Serial Number Ranges
EU2000i / EU2000i CompanionEAAJ-2017305 thru EAAJ-9999999
EACT-1000001 thru EACT-9999999

How to parallel two Honda Generator?

To parallel, the EU2200i generator with another generator follow these simple steps.

Step 1

With both of the engine switches in the off position, connect the parallel cable labeled L to the left parallel outlets, then, connect the cable labeled R to the right parallel outlets.

Step 2

Attach the ground terminal from each parallel cable to the corresponding ground terminal on each generator and tighten each screw securely.

Step 3

Start each generator and confirm that the green output indicator is illuminated on each. If using the eco throttle be sure that both generators are set to Eco throttle ON, once both generators are started.

DC Charging Guide

The EU2200i models are equipped with a 12 volt DC charge port that when used with the Honda accessory battery charging cable can charge a weakened 12-volt automotive-style battery.


The DC charge function should not be used to charge the battery long-term as the voltage is unregulated which could damage the battery if left unattended.


Plug the accessory charge cable into the DC receptacle.


Connect the red lead of the accessory cable to the positive terminal of the 12-volt battery followed by the black lead to the negative terminal of the vehicle battery.


Start the generator with the Eco throttle switch off and allow the battery to charge.

Do not attempt to start any vehicle while the generator is running and the charr cable is connected to the battery otherwise generator damage may occur.


To disconnect the battery charge cable turn the generator off and disconnect in the reverse order of installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you parallel two different generators?

Yes, generally you can parallel two different generators. Although some of the models do not come with special companion units but you can still parallel most pf the inverter generators using parallel cables having a 30-amp outlet.

Can you parallel Honda generators?

Yes, you can easily parallel two Honda generators using a special parallel cable kit. Parallel Capability allows you to almost double your power output.

Honda EU2200i parallel cable kit

How to parallel two Honda Generators?

You can easily double your power by linking two identical wattage EU generators in parallel with the help of Honda Parallel Cables. Get more power without sacrificing your portability. It allows you to link together two EU1000 or two EU2000 to almost double your power output.

There’s no need to you buy a large, bulky generator when your generator is parallel capable. This parallel cable perfectly fits with EU1000/EU2000/EU3000 Honda generators.

How to parallel two Honda Generators

This parallel cable is suitable for EU2200i / EU2200IC / EU1000 / EU2000 Companion / EU3000 Handi generators. It is made up of reliable quality material and anti-stretching. So, easily connect two identical wattages EU generators in parallel whenever you need more power output.

Honda EU2000i parallel kit 30 amp

 parallel two Honda Generators

With the help of this cable, you can parallel two Eu2000i or Eu2200i without using Companion. Whenever in need of more power parallel your two generators and enjoy!

For any additional information regarding the installation and operation of these or any Honda, accessories refer to your owner’s manual or contact your Honda power equipment dealer.

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