Can generators be used indoors?

Can generators be used indoors?

A portable generator is the best source of power when you need it the most without a doubt. The arrival of such machines has made things so much convenient for us in several ways, but we shouldn’t overlook the safety concerns that come with this power equipment. One of such safety issues is that can generators be used indoors?

The answer to that is one should never use generators that release carbon monoxide indoors or in places that are not well-ventilated like garages.

According to National Institutes of Health, from the year 2005 to 2017, more than 900 people died due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and thousands were injured using portable generators.

Since generators are the machines that run on fuel and basically burn different fuels like gas, oil, kerosene, or propane which produces carbon monoxide.

CO is a poisonous gas and what makes it really dangerous is that even though you can’t smell, see, taste this gas, breathing too much of CO leads to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is harmful enough to kill a person just within some minutes. It replaces the oxygen in your blood that stops your organs from functioning, eventually leading to death.

One should make sure that the fuel-burning appliances are used and installed properly so that carbon monoxide can not build up inside houses or other buildings.

Always try to place your portable generator outside and away from windows and doors instead of running it inside your home, shed or basement where the gas is more likely to build up without proper ventilation.

If you are wondering whether there are some portable generators that you can run indoors or not, the answer would be, yes, there are. Some of these units feature a built-in sensor that triggers an automatic shutoff if CO grows up to dangerous levels in a confined space. Besides that, there are some with engines that release less CO in the first place.

Even though there are portable generators that are able to pass CO Safety Technology test, we would still recommend you follow some safety guidelines to keep yourself, your family and people around you secure.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Read the Owner’s Manual properly before using your generator.
  • Place your generator outside home and away from windows.
  • Install CO detectors or alarms so that you get alert whenever something is up.
  • Do not operate your generator in enclosed spaces.

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